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Course Detail

GD 3 Months

Graphics Design

Course Information

  • Total Students 20 per class
  • Course Duration 3 Months


➢ master software applications which are used for graphics design in the graphics design industry
➢ master the different design techniques
➢ apply the acquired skills on projects
➢ create a visually engaging and competitive professional portfolio
➢ meet the expectations of the professional environment in relation to their intended careers

Course Outline

Introduction to Graphic design
1. Understanding Vector graphics and Raster graphics
2. Understanding Resolution, difference between DPI and PPI
3. Colour mode ( RGB and CMYK)
Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw X8
1. Working with Layers, gradient
2. Working with pen tools, shapes and text
3. Understanding Blending options
4. Typography design
5. Creative Advertising
6. Packaging design
7. Branding and Re-branding
8. Corporate Design
Adobe Photoshop
1. Understand the function of the tools and panels
2. Working with layers
3. Basic selection tools, Effects and filters
4. Clipping Mask
5. Working with brushes
6. Photo Retouching
7. Mosaic Effects