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Course Detail

VE 3 Months

Video Editing

Course Information

  • Total Students 20 per class
  • Course Duration 3 Months


Transform your video editing skills and create stunning content with our industry-leading video editing course. We use:
➢ Adobe Premiere Pro: A video editing program which is used to effectively edit videos or make well-built movies.
➢ Adobe After Effects: A program that allows you to create interesting videos containing animations and special effects for graphics-related projects

Course Outline

Introduction to Video Editing
1. Better understand editing techniques
2. Creating an Animation Using Effects and Pre-Sets
3. Learn video colour correction skills
4. Understand video formats
5. Synchronize text and audio in a video
Adobe Premiere Pro
1. Navigate Premiere Pro
2. Create and open projects
3. Work with files
4. Import Media into Premiere Pro
5. Organize your media once it is imported
6. Use the Timeline for video and audio tracks
7. Edit tracks in the Timeline
8. Create sequences and nested sequences
9. Add motion to your clips
10. Create and work with keyframes
11. Add animation, transitions and other effects
12. Use the color-correction tools
13. Add text, shapes to your project
14. Work with audio in the Audio Workspace
15. Export media from Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
1. The basics of creating projects, compositions, and layers
2. Importing footage, including video, audio, and still images
3. Creating special effects using the Effects menu
4. Creating animation for shapes, objects, and layers
5. Adding and animating text
6. Drawing and animating shapes
7. Using the puppet tools to create animated characters and effects
8. Extracting and removing objects from layers
9. Exporting to video