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Course Detail

WT 4 Months

Web Technology

Course Information

  • Total Students 10 per class
  • Course Duration 3 Months


To develop a technical overview of the Web & emerging platforms
To appreciate the mechanisms by which web content can be enriched to take account of contextual factors
To identify, evaluate and apply appropriate technologies for Web development

Course Outline

1. HTML, Styles, Tables, Frames
2. CSS – Inline, Embedded, External
3. HTML5, HTML meta and head
4. Forms GET and POST data
5. JavaScript
6. Interfacing with a database (limited knowledge of SQL syntax is required to allow iterating over a data set)
9. XML, XHTML 1.0 Transitional/Strict, XSLT, DTD, CSS
Security and Privacy
1. Client, server and network risks, attacks, prevention and mitigation
2. Integrity, authentication, non-repudiation
3.Public & Private key encryption, On the fly encryption, hashes, the uses and limitations of RSA, DES and AES
4. Digital Certificates, HTTPS, Steganography, Biometrics
5. Phishing, Web profiling, Internet anonymity, Identity theft