knowledgeplus Training Center
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Registration forms are available at Knowledgeplus Training Center and should be filled on the spot. Bring along National Identity card for 18+ or Birth Certificate otherwise. To secure a place prior registration, contact us on +230 4139119.
Registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis, and the registration process will be closed once all places on the course are taken. You are advised to register early, to avoid disappointment.
Number of courses taken at a time depends on the prerequisites of the course and the schedule of the selected course. For example, a level 1 and level 2 of the same course cannot be done at the same time, however level 1 of two different course can be done at once. For more information, contact on +230 4139119/ +230 54499119/ +230 59546500 or on site at Knowledgeplus Training Center Ltd.
Upon registration, you will be informed about your weekly class schedule and the start date of the course. The official examination date will be informed at least 2 weeks’ prior examination. However, in case of doubt, do not hesitate to contact the administration.
When absent, one should prior call and inform administration before the scheduled day. Absent days can be replaced upon request; however, day and time for replacement will depend according to trainer’s availability.
The criteria for grading will be established as outlined below:
A+ 90 ≤ x ≤ 100
A- 80 ≤ x < 90
B+ 70 ≤ x < 80
B- 60 ≤ x < 70
C 50 ≤ x < 60
D 40 ≤ x < 50
F < 40
Assignments are given for professional courses like; Web Technology, Graphic Design and Programming.
Yes, payment facilities are available upon request with the administrative staff and approval of the Manager.
Any academic questions should be addressed to your respective trainer. For any discrepancy, students may request for a meeting with the manager.
After successfull completion of the course, students will receive a certificate of course completion approved by MQA. Certificate will be issued within 3 weeks provided that you score above 40% in the examinationand course fee has been fully settled.

Corporate Training

Yes, we do provide corporate training in the field of IT. The course may be trailer made to suit the demand of the organization. Example: Training in Database System, Spreadsheet, programming skills and more.
Knowledgeplus can offer the facility of in house training with its approved MQA trainers.
Yes, all our professional courses and tailor made programs are HRDC refundable.
Yes, all participants will receive an MQA registered certificate.