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Course Detail

AAC 3 Months

Administrative and Accounts Clerk Course

Course Information

  • Total Students 20 per class
  • Course Duration 3 Months


The Administrative and Accounts Clerk Course is
a short course that cover Accounting Software (QuickBook), Vat Registration, Payroll and Payslips and TDS

Course Outline

o Importance and different roles of computers for businesses
o Parts and purpose of computers
o Security issues
o Office package
o Internet and Email
o Common Computer Work in relation to SMEs
o Company Formation including application process.
o Appointment and resignation of directors, shareholders, secretary and transfer of shares.
o Opening of Company Bank Account
o Filing of purchase and sales invoices and keeping up to date with filing procedures.
o Basic Journal entries and implication on ledgers.
o Posting of sales and purchase invoices on excel and on Accounting Software-Quickbooks
o Vat Registration – Legal Requirements
o Monthly and Quarterly VAT Calculation and Return to the MRA.
o Calculation of Payroll including issuing of payslips, monthly NPF/NSF Return, PAYE.
o TDS and steps involved for calculation and monthly return.
o Corporate Annual Income Tax Return and Computation of Chargeable Income and Tax Computation
o Statutory filing to Companies Division- Annual Return, No Change Return, Financial Summary and Audited Financial Statements.
Adobe Premiere Pro
1. Navigate Premiere Pro
2. Create and open projects
3. Work with files
4. Import Media into Premiere Pro
5. Organize your media once it is imported
6. Use the Timeline for video and audio tracks
7. Edit tracks in the Timeline
8. Create sequences and nested sequences
9. Add motion to your clips
10. Create and work with keyframes
11. Add animation, transitions and other effects
12. Use the color-correction tools
13. Add text, shapes to your project
14. Work with audio in the Audio Workspace
15. Export media from Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
1. The basics of creating projects, compositions, and layers
2. Importing footage, including video, audio, and still images
3. Importing footage, including video, audio, and still images
4. Creating special effects using the Effects menu
5. Creating animation for shapes, objects, and layers
6. Adding and animating text
7. Drawing and animating shapes
8. Using the puppet tools to create animated characters and effects
9. Extracting and removing objects from layers
10. Exporting to video