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Course Detail

AutoCAD 3 Months


Course Information

  • Total Students 20 per class
  • Course Duration 3 Months


Learn how to create professional-quality CAD drawings, blueprints, and models with our hands-on AutoCAD training, designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in today's competitive design industry.

Course Outline

Course Outline 2D
1. Function and shortcut
2. Using Orthomode; lines
3. Free mode drawing
4. Working with Tangent, Circles, Arc, Layers
5. Mirror, Offset, Trim, Extend
6. Isometric projection
7. Oblique projection
8. Orthographic projection (1st &3rd angle)
9. Sections of drawing
10. Working with Complex drawings
11. Plotting, Dimension, Texting, Hatching
Course Outline 3D
1. How to set up AutoCAD for 3D
2. AutoCAD Extrude
3. AutoCAD Revolve
4. AutoCAD Loft
5. AutoCAD Sweep
6. AutoCAD Press pull
7. Taper face and Slice
8. Boolean Operations
9. Isometric Projections to 3D
10. Surface Blend and Offset + mini project kick off