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Course Detail

Database Administration 3 Months

Database administration

Course Information

  • Total Students 15 per class
  • Course Duration 3 Months


This course aims to provide you with a solid foundation in the principles, techniques, and tools used in managing data within an organization, and to grow your careers in Data Administration and related fields. Your objectives are to draw and interpret data models; write simple and effective SQL statements; design appropriate user interfaces; produce working schema

Course Outline

1. Data management and application development techniques (e.g.. Forms generators and programming tools). Programming environments applicable to a recognised DBMS
2. Comparison of a data-centred approach with file-based approach.
3. Data integrity and quality control. Transaction processing.
4. Logical and physical data independence how it is achieved.
5. Entity relationship diagrams and conceptual modelling
6. Relationship constraints and translation to relational model.
7. Functional Dependency theory and Normalisation.
8.Relational modelling
9. Simple relational algebra programs. Features of relational algebra in SQL.
10. Standards and basic structure of SQL for data definition, views, updates, insertion and referential integrity constraints.
11. Concurrency, recovery and database integrity
11. Client-server model as a distributed database architecture.